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Twitter, what’s happening? III

February 7, 2014

Knowing Psychology is like playing with magic. I told my friends to wait till Twitter went down from $70 to $30 per share and it did faster than expected for a dud, hey call me (don’t buy retail). T is down by $14 today! At $50 it’s not yet cool enough! The cult magic is wearing off slowly. No matter how much you love social media  a SM company without earning is like a Phoenix without magic food, it will rise again when it is fed…and Twitter will be a fad until it gets hungry enough and goes hunting for commercials and advertisers who love Facebook right now! I’ll be ready, the money is already in my account ready to buy 5000-20,000 shares at between $27 and $30 per share. I did that great strategy with 15 other companies and all of them are making big bucks for 10 years. I suppose if Wall street had a competition on the best earning portfolio this decade I’d probably win! No one earns 25% per year for the last 10 years! You see, I already have Facebook for cheap and Twitter may be the worthy runner-up when it lures the ads. In business number 1 and 2 are in yoyo competition, What goes down will go up and what goes up will come down, it’s not just in sex, it’s in everything!! Remember, don’t follow blindly. Assess the risk of your decision-making. Play it cool, it’s fun to win. Cash is good to have – think Hawaii for a change! But, it’s easy only if you know how to lead or follow and load the info. Good luck, buddy.

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