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Twitter, what’s happening? II

December 25, 2013

At $60 per share with $0 earning and piling expenses to run this new IPO company, Twitter has become the psychological phenomenon of the century! With Dorsey, the founder of this social phenomenon being invited to sit on the board of Disney, another social phenomenon company, Twitter earned the right to be analysed by psychologists, not economists. Should you buy at $60? Absolutely not, unless you convert to the new religion. Kahneman’s System 2 analysis will certainly conclude that this “Social Babble bubble” phenomenon of market pseudo politics will burst under the weight of lower than expected profit quarters. First to sell will be those who are lukewarm about the new religion and last to sell will be the die-hards who bought high and are willing to lose their shirt for faith. In my first segment on Twitter I predicted a good buy at $30, after the honeymoon in over when the Twitter family budget kicks in. At $30-$40 they will have enough money to live on without being “Air billionaires.” For now, it’s Christmas time and there is magic in the air. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your tweets.

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