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The ascent of exchange mediums?

November 4, 2013

You know the exchange rates and you know how to make money. To know exchange mediums is to know the history of Economics. You are invited to follow me anywhere in the world where I dream on speaking about the behavior of these marvelous Cro-magnon that appeared 30,000 years ago as a hybrid race on an island west of Gibraltar and “invented the wheel.” They started spreading south to Morocco, Spain, Portugal and Germany. They multiplied and made nice things and built a city named Tarshish.

At first they used  Abyssinian rocks as a medium of exchange, the first weapons for hunting bisons and defending the family . When they discovered salt, sugar, turmeric and other precious spices they used the next exchange medium – spices. Then they discovered gold as a medium of exchange that lasted a millennium untill coins and paper money appeared.

Then they invented the “Microchip.” They built “credit machines” that did away with cash. That exchange medium context  was still based on money but not for long. Last year a Japanese dude invented the next exchange medium, this time in the “clouds,” the “Bitcoin.” I suppose the normal microchip that uses “bytes” to run your living gave birth to a virtual microchip that uses “bits” to “steal” the economy bit by bit from the recession makers. Bytes and Bit are destined to rule the world. Climb on the bandwagon going to Tarshish Kabab. The race to riches is just beginning!

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