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Raising the debt ceiling?

October 12, 2013


Does it take a psychologist to tell you that the democrats and republicans in congress consider the American people shallow thinking dummies? How do I know that? Imagine that you are a wife married and have 4 kids who soon will go to college. The family income is $150,000.00 per year. You are a democrat congresswoman and you turn to your husband who is an economist and a republican and you say, “George, congress is fighting over raising the debt ceiling. We need to raise this family debt ceiling  too, from $250,000.00 to half a million so we can pay out bills, 2 mortgages, the kids college tuition, go out to dinner, shows, save some, entertaining is a big expense for us, friends, we got to raise the family debt ceiling too. We are doomed if we don’t.”

The husband happened to be an economist, not a congressman, so he responded, “Dear wife, you are caught in politics, you seem bent out of shape, you need to change your gloomy attitude about money to a positive view. If you check out our total income this year it’s actually $175,000.00 and I just borrowed $50,000.00 with our excellent credit, Mary, we have $225,000.00 this year, enough to cover even 6 kids in college.”

“George, but we must raise the debt ceiling, you don’t understand economics, let me explain to you about the limits on future borrowing…”

“Mary, I understand economics, honey, I am an economist….you seem arrogant enough to pretend to know something about debt ceiling without knowing what it is. We don’t need one because we are fiscally responsible individuals. I don’t think we waste money. We respect it. We don’t spend other people’s money like congressmen do (you do). You don’t need a debt ceiling raised every 3-4 years if you are thrifty because treasury collects enough money to cover expenses right now, but the democrats want a vote to raise the national dept ceiling because they know that till Obama goes in 3 years  they will need to borrow trillions of dollars to waste money on slowly ending wars, slowly starting new one, expand entitlements and fund their wasteful projects.”

“I got it, George, I read something that congress readily extends the debt ceiling because they never-never learned in school how to budget and cut waste instead.”

“Republicans and democrats, research have shown that humans especially leaders don’t know how to cut waste.”

“Is that why we have garage sales every two years”?

“You are right, dear congresswoman but I won’t comment on that…government raises the debt ceiling every two or three years to pay for the waste, it’s their national garage sale.

“How pathetic.” They both said, “Poor dummy citizens.”

“What about Obama care?”

“Well, read my posting last week.”

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