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It’s not all about money in Washington, it’s about brains.

October 5, 2013

Let’s skip the issues of republican vs. democratic ideology, maneuvering, stalling, feelings and animosity that you could enjoy watching CNN – if your like arguing kids. This is going to go on the tube every day until the participants get scared realizing that they can’t win it all but they may lose the next election if they don’t stop the “piggy back” game. So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s discuss the only issue that really matters: Getting medical coverage for all Americans, for a fair cost. This is called in behavioral economics “Best value for the buck.”

Obama care looks good, but it violates rule number one in money management. Let me put it out to you as a question because some of you need better education than the one you have received over the years. Does Obama Care get the best value for the medical buck spent? Called cost/benefit in economics. The answer is absolutely not! If you run anything in your life thinking like the people who created Obama Care, you’d end living in a third world country! Obama care is a patchwork medical system that in order to pass congress, had to pacify the American medical association, the medical insurance companies, the drug manufacturers and the liberals and conservatives in congress that could be bent by colleagues pressure. Any unbiased expert in the field would grade Obama care with a “D” grade. Then, you’d ask why did President Obama pushed that system so hard on you and me? The answer is that he cared a lot about the 30 million uninsured Americans. Yes, Obama cares, but he is not that smart about developing systems: System inclusion, simplicity, delivery, cost savings, medical relationship with Medicare, Medical, Employer’s participation, limits on coverage, buy laws, and a host of other things. If he was smart, he would not start yet another system from scratch. He would attach a simple version of medical care insurance to your income tax return, legislating that all Americans must file an income tax return and all filed tax returns will have a medical deducted as a percentage for universal coverage. Hey, start by sending 10 expert to study Canada’s medical system to learn a few things from our neighbor.

I will stop here because I am getting frustrated writing about what your representatives who take your money in taxes are delivering to you in return. You want a better medical services for all Americans? Think cost/benefit!

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