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North Korea in South Korea: Psychology and money matters.

April 9, 2013

At first I opened my because I thought a posting about North Korea’s aggression would be a psychological topic. Half way through I switched to because I realized that North Korea wants to rob South Korea of its wealth by invading the country like they did in 1950, after all history does repeat itself. So now we have, for your understanding, two issues here: aggression and its psychology and wealth and its ownership.

Aggression: First I want you to know that according to psychology the rules that explain the behavior of nations and the behavior of individuals are the same. Both will behave aggressively if they gain something and get away with it. North Korea killed South Koreans and surprisingly received foreign aid and a request for a conference to improve relationships!! Dr. Skinner (and 100 other prominent psychologists!) subscribe to the research findings (replicated 1000 times!) that behavior is controlled by its consequences. South Korea rewarded North Korea’s aggression (and they are doing it again!). More pain is coming to the South.

Wealth: South Korea is wealthy, the North is poor. Throughout history nations and individuals robbed the Jews of their wealth. The Nazis couldn’t do it legally so they killed the Jews first and took their gold teeth! Listen, the only wise thing for the South Koreans to do is what the Jews didn’t do – protect their assets. It is very simple: The North will not attack the South if the signals are that the North will lose. I you are the president of South Korea, add 10 billion dollars to your military budget, triple your missiles and read the biography of Teddy Roosevelt. You are good guys and should be respected. You will, if you talk softly and carry a big stick – and don’t give a penny away to the North, not in food aid or foreign aid, unless the North behaves! Strength with care can do magic for you as a peaceful individual or country!

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