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China in Africa: a new colonialism?

March 26, 2013

1. I am not sure China is the new colonial power in Africa? let’s analyse what’s happening there step by step:

2. China buys lots of cheap raw materials from Africa and sells Africa its finished products at the best price the Chinese can get. Is that colonialism? No, that’s good business for the Chinese.

3. China pays Africa for the raw materials less than the going rate in international markets. Is that exploitation (colonialism) or that Africa’s dictators don’t care to get the right price for Africa’s raw materials? Obviously, what a dictator and his entourage earn from the Chinese is plenty for their lavish life style, why should they compete to earn more?

4. China sells Africa its finished products at good prices. That is not colonialism either, that’s good business for the smart and educated Chinese.

5. So, what we have is not Chinese colonialism, it’s morality and ethics: Do I have the right to exploit you economically when you are weak and uneducated? (Philosophy asks a lot of stupid questions). Is it my duty (job) not to exploit you? (another stupid question). Both questions are stupid because they question Darwin’s theory about the survival of the fittest. The Chinese are more fit than the Africans in doing business.

6. The answer: China is not a new colonial power in Africa. The Chinese are educated behavioral economists. It is the responsibility of the Africans not to be exploited. How? The two best ways to do that is, 1) Get education, and 2) Get rid of the dictators and fight for democracy. If you do that, I would say “viva to the future of Africa.” I just gave you the answer. Go for it!

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