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The people of Cyprus are suffering needlessly.

March 23, 2013

If you are a cynic visiting my blog and you think that it is just another blog, oh well, I’ve seen them all, some are even interesting but none provide the real solutions we need…if you think that way about my blog, please get off it and go browse elsewhere, people like you render the internet useless, you don’t see the fruit tree in the forest of pines. But, listen, read my blog more critically and you will see that the solution for the suffering of people in Cyprus is right here:

Hey, Cypriot, walk to the parliament in force and force the deputies to declare a new election. Vote only for representatives who can define behavioral economics. Elect as chiefs those who know who are Kahneman,  Thaler, Sunstein or Krugman. These B.E.’s can not only straighten out the Cypriot economy but make it an example for Spain and Greece. I just came from a lecture in Spain on this subject. No interest. We need a new parliament somewhere who dares and cares about citizens’ sufferings. The plan:

1. Borrow the money, print it, get it in credit, sell bonds, accept bailouts, do it all but do it all only with the most favorable rates( MFR). This is a must. Fire those who said, “Oh, well, I didn’t know I could get it for less than 2.1%.”

2. Send a government education committee (GEC) from Nicosia to California and copy the structure and operations of the best community college district (CCD) in the state. Go back to the island and set it up a CCD in every city in Cyprus. Fire those who say, “Oh, well, I didn’t know that we could also set up an associate degree program in software engineering.

3. Appoint BE,’s fund managers and regulators who will continue to spend the money only on productive projects such as the community colleges. Fire the one who said “Oh, well, I didn’t know that paying off part of the national debt to the EU is not a productive activity.”

4. The key to stop the suffering of the people of Cyprus is a new behavioral leadership . Fire all those who cannot define what is a behavioral leadership (about 50% of the people. For example, If you think that a feeling is a behavior, call me, you are fired. Let’s get going. The people are suffering.


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