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How do I do it? Can you?

March 23, 2013

I wrote 2 books on the psychology of investing. I sold about 100 copies in 3 years, all over the world. The moral of this story is that what I think works investors are not interested in. I spoke at UCLA and at the University of Valencia. Only 2 professors were interested, one from the Republic of Georgia and the other from Kenya. The moral of this story is that what I think works professors are not interested in. I have a website on cancer, I get less cancer patients visiting it in 12 years than visit most others blogs on cancer in 12 months (my place on Google is on the bottom). The moral of this  story is that what works most cancer patients are not interested in. I have 2 blogs, this one, and, with a couple of thousand of visitors to both since inception it is no record either. The moral of my story is that very few people are interested in my research of what is a better life, or how to become wealthy.

THE TRUTH: Most of the information that I put out there in the world is top 10% of science – incredible, awesome, almost unbelievable, works like magic but it has no impact because people see it as magic. Not as solid information. Grant you, it looks like magic, reads like magic, smells like magic, sounds like magic, but it is solid information how to cure cancer, have awesome relationships, be happy and make millions. Here is one example, all true, but you won’t believe it because — it reads like magic:

I bought 1000 shares of Apple  early in 1997 for $15 per share: The total cost was $15,000.00. In September 2012 the value of my investment was around $2,800,000.00! Here is another example:  in 2011 at age 76 I was dying of 2 cancers (Stage 4). Today the prostate cancer is gone and the bone cancer is in remission. Now you realize why most people who hear my incredible lectures or read my blogs or websites (3) just think. “Oh, well, here goes another bragging professor; who wants to listen to this stuff.” Yes, you are right about most cases reported on the Internet, but not this one. Well, here we go again…you either get it or you don’t!!

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