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A Message for Spain, in light of my speech at the University of Valencia.

February 20, 2013

In light of the “Peseta revolt” in Spain that some of you have told me about, I want to give the courageous behavioral economists of Spain the fuel needed to guide the revolt: Don’t give up your national currency and lose your market driven exchange rate without due compensation from the European Union. The “due compensation” must be big and meaningful because if you let the Peseta die, you will continue experiencing the following unacceptable sufferings::

1. Exports die. Employment shrinks.

2. Imports kill local industries.

3. Shrinking home-grown industries affect a culture in decline.

4. What your country produces best is lost to cheap imports. Pride is lost.

5. Only the hard-work oriented German culture can afford to give up the Mark with impunity. The fun in living suffers.

6. Beware! Europe is becoming a tangle mess of nationalities in financial and immigration conflict. The European Union was conceived without any of the above insights. National boundaries and currencies should have been the last two things to disappear, not the first! Protect yourself from more EU troubles.

7. Spain, now you know what you need to do for the Spanish people. pressure the European Union to declare a 5 years moratorium on free borders and the use of the Euro as the only currency. Pass new laws and start building local industries, Copy the US version of Community Colleges and get going with educating the great Spanish culture!

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  1. February 27, 2013 2:21 pm

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