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Behavioral Cybernetics

January 18, 2013

I just couldn’t help it. I am already packing. I felt that this last-minute packing before I fly from Victoria to Valencia is crucial to your understanding of cybernetics as a behavioral system. My two previous postings on Systems are now complete and ready for discussion by some of the participants in the Symposium (and by the regular visitors to my blog). Since the essence of the Symposium in Spain is to try to build a more functional Cybernetic System for Europe, I feel that my clear, simple and behavioral definition of the word would make our discussion of the term useful and exciting.

Cybernetics as a grand behavioral system emphasizes the need for trained regulators to regulate aspects all other systems and their interactions for optimal performance. Regardless of the cardinal rule of rational systems like Politics, Medicine and Economics, that the ideal is for systems to automatically regulate themselves, the paradigm shift in thinking nowadays is that systems are biased and can not do it themselves. You can’t run a modern soccer game without a trained referee and linemen. You can’t have a game without a – whistle. You can’t have sophisticated sport system without accountability to a sport association, etc. Let me give you an example of poor cybernetics that hurt: In 2008 the US rational (no referee) banking system started a massive mortgage lending behavior by banks that stopped requiring collateral from their customers for their mortgage lending. That irresponsible behavior triggered a change in the economic environment. Unemployment went up, liquidity and credit dried up, government had to legislate “cosmetic” laws without understanding Cybernetic circularity. Tertiary mortgage security packages continued to proliferate with the help of China, employment went up by artificial means. By 2013 the market recovered superficially. Cybernetics was in disarray because the system was not in place yet to be able to regulate the systemic effect of the landing practices. The next recession is inevitable unless Cybernetics is out in place to be implemented soon. Meantime, a good place to learn from how to set up a working system is the Sports World.

One aspect of cybernetics that I have been using successfully for years I call C-MOR (Contingency Management of resources).

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