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Towards a systems approach, continued

January 15, 2013

This is my last posting on Systems until I return in February from my presentation on economics at the University of Valencia. This blog is a public service blog, absolutely not commercial. As an immigrant (1960) I am only returning to the American people my know-how how to solve problems. I thank the American people for creating awesome  opportunities for immigrants to come and participate in the American Dream.

My blogs are the best guide to the good life on planet earth. Good for you if you have realized it already, have read all my postings on my blogs, have visited my websites and have implemented the information you selected. That means that you now know the best definition of System. What you have to realize now is that Systems run from the smallest (Monad) to the largest (Universe). Now, let’s talk about systems you are interested in:

1. Your financial system: Today is the first day of your better financial life. Read my two very different books on money. Read all my postings on money. Start organizing the business. You will have to replace many of your useless financial rules, the first one to go is your belief in quickly paying off the mortgage.

2. Your health system: Last year I was stage 4 bone cancer patient with metastasized prostate cancer. Today I consider myself cured ( Read what I wrote about healing in my blog

3. Your love life system: Simply, be worthy of being loved: Two things: Get behavioral, and real all I wrote about C-MOS, C-MOR, C-MOB and Relationships. The single damage to your love life is that you tend to reward people to stay away from you – unknowingly!

See you next month. If you quit this blog because I don’t write enough you prefer quantity over quality. Don’t be a “loser” when you are so close to getting it!


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