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How to maximize your exchange rate II.

August 5, 2012

This posting is designed for smart people from the US who happened to live in Canada. Read the rest of my posting only if you care to maximize the Canadian value of your US checks. You have to  like extra cash, receive foreign checks regularly – and as I said before – be a smart dude. Do you see the “II” in the title? What it means is that I want you to stop reading and go to “How to maximize your exchange rate” and read that article first. Now, that you understand the process, I’ll give you the exchange range.

The range of exchange runs between .97 and 1.03 over time with high probability. The good  shift for Americans living in Canada occurs when you can get a >1.02 CAN for your buck. The trend in that direction depends on the US buying less oil from Canada and manufacturing is slow. The best way is to wait till the stock market trend goes down enough. Each time people sold more shares than they bought  your exchange rate improves! Another word, if you lose money in the stock market, you make money in the exchange rate (and vice versa).

You know, if you went to a high school board in the US and asked them to improve their economics curriculum they’d come up with good-looking “junk’ that will get them reelected rather than with improve economics classes that will get students to do better financially. My advice to you is don’t relay on any system to help you make money, relay on yourself and be smart about the Internet!

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