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What do you know about Piagetian reversibility?

June 17, 2012

Nothing! Very few investors, even those who read my blogs, know how to apply any of my new rules about successful investing. Why? Because the new rules are “Behavioral,” not “Classical.”  Behavioral investing is totally different from anything you have ever learned about the business of making money. Sure, I want you to learn my rules of investing, but not use them until the day comes when you are ready. And, it is difficult to master these new rules, not because they are complex but because they are different. They are like trying to teach rules of computing to a cave man. Yet, I enjoy playing with the classical and behavioral economic systems with the hope that some day I will get a response from a “cave man” who wants to jump to the 22nd century!

Here is an example:

If you analyze the FB graph, you will see the “Pagetian V,” the reversibility of the trend on June 5, 2012 at $26! If you are the “caveman” that wants to jump into the 22nd century, start by reading the original books written by the greatest but most rejected cognitive psychologist, Dr. Piaget.

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