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Last posting before I go on medical leave: C-MOR!

October 7, 2011

I will be away on a medical leave in Cologne, Germany, but it is important to me before I leave that my readers do not feel “abandoned” to false information on the net. This posting is for those who demonstrated by their responses to my postings (about 50%) that they understand my scientific message to economists and politicians that if they will implement my researched ideas our economy will produce more employment and less recessions!

Read everything that I ever wrote in my books, websites and blogs about C-MOR, my model for national and personal recovery from all problems! Here, I will give you one example how C-MOR is smashed to death by politicians at the cost of four trillion dollars to tax payers! See you again when I return to Canada!

England just bailed out its ill banks to the tune of 75 billion dollars. The British government did not legally required the banks to change their business practice of wasting billions! The US did it to the tune of 3 trillion dollars to save us from recession in 2008. The Germans are “saving” Greece, and so on. What is wrong with that? C-MOR says, “Karma must be maintained to get good results in any area of life.” C-MOR interprets, “Banks that failed must bear the appropriate consequences. Governments should be allowed by law to bail out banks only after the banks bear the consequences of their ill behavior.  Surveillance and reinforcement of laws must ensure that the banks pay off the loan with interest and do not do the ill behavior again.

Any government official that do not understand or implement the above must be retrained in college, fired or not reelected.

Do you want your good life back? C-MOR is the answer!

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