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Consumer confidence index.

September 13, 2011

Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) is down in the United States and it affects the rest of the world economy. Who is to blame? How about Obama’s leadership, but only if you say that he knew how to manage the economy and didn’t. Well, actually you can’t blame Obama because he is a lawyer not an economist and have no training or experience as an economic CEO.  So, Obama is off the hook. But, the American people still suffer high unemployment. Why? Because something is wrong when economic policy falls into the hands of Democrats who care much less than Republicans do about producer confidence (both care about consumer confidence). Did you know that if you go to Google right now you will not find a definition for  producer confidence index (PCI) in Wikipedia!  Yes, the Democrats, leftists and Liberals took over the critical thinking skills of the American people. The subprime mortgages and other governmental programs raised consumer confidence by creating artificial jobs and unsustainable homes, while no university was concerned with designing a standard producer confidence index  –  the scientific scale that estimates the jobs  production (employment) in this country!

If you voted for Bush or Obama you brought this mess on yourself. Stop being a dummy. Look, eight Republicans are debating who is the most qualified to take the presidency away from Obama. Listen, it isn’t complicated. Vote for the one closest to suggesting that right now in our history we need a producer confidence policy. Think producer confidence with a new leadership all the way to the polls in 2012! Don’t be fooled again!

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