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July 16, 2011

My 414 pages book, “THE PSYCHOLOGY OF INVESTING DURING THE CHAOTIC OBAMA YEARS came out in March 2011. Reading that book SERIOUSLY will make you smart in the sense that you will realize that the BEST solutions to ANY problem are OUTSIDE conventional thinking. Here is how to solve the US budget crisis between the Democrats and the President and the Republicans in Congress:

1. Both parties must acknowledge in PUBLIC that 14 trillion-dollar DEFICIT is so high that the debt ceiling must NOT be raised beyond it. LIVING BEYOND OUR MEANS IS PSYCHOLOGICALLY DAMAGING.

2. Both parties must acknowledge in PUBLIC that going into default will cause more than just damage America’s credit rating. It will create a tsunami in world markets, wars, hunger and failure of countries to move toward democracy. STOP CONFRONTATIONAL POLITICS.

3. Both parties must acknowledge that raising taxes on hard-working Americans is the easy answer and the – WORSE answer. YOU TAKE MY MONEY AND SPEND IT ON YOUR ‘STUFF.’

4. Both parties must acknowledge that trimming government by 25% must be done now, freeze hiring, fire incompetents, eliminate waste, prevent duplication of job descriptions, etc. (you can reduce government without hurting people or essential services). THINK!

5. Both parties must acknowledge that protecting the US mainland and overseas businesses can be done MUCH BETTER without having American troops in every country in the world. BRING THE TROOPS HOME.

6. Both parties must get together and establish an EMERGENCY FUND for one fiscal year to pay the bills as government is being TRIMMED. Ask Americans to DONATE  the maximum amount that they can to the national emergency fund and take future deductions. Tell Americans that DONATING money to the emergency fund at this time in history is more important than donating the billions they do to unregulated charities, the United Nations and the many entities the US gives money to without accountability.

I could go on and on but that is enough. Just doing what I am suggesting will save billions of dollars. AMERICA, THINK DIFFERENTLY ABOUT BUSINESS AND LIFE.

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