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Americanism II

March 18, 2011

Friends asked me how I reconcile my belief in Americanism with the fact that the American economy is corrupt. I suppose I have to further explain Americanism beyond what I wrote in my The Psychology of Investing book. Americanism is the permanent hegemony in the world of the United States economy. Wall Street will always reign supreme. People who invest in the United States will always be winners in the long run: Americanism is a laissez-faire  capitalism taken to the extreme, anything goes to make a buck, people make money out of thin air in the United States and when things fall apart the US government bails out the crooks together with every one else. There is no economic system in the world where economic movers and shakers own Congress, the White House and the American voters. In America people work hard to make money for big crooks. THE SMART IN WALL STREET WIN. A system like that is so powerful that it will always be able to corrupt all the other economies in the world and make money in the process. In Mexico the government is rich and the people are poor. In the United States the Government is very poor, the American lower class is poor, the American middle-class works hard to provide the money in taxes, the American upper class is rich and the top 1% of Americans earn a quarter (25%) of all the money going around. A corrupt but powerful financial system so engrained in a culture is bound to dominate the world forever. All it has to do is own the media and fool the American voters. And that, my friend, is done professionally!

Americanism is a winning formula for investors, it isn’t ethical, moral, faire, desirable, or humane. It is corrupt. It works because it creates profit out of thin air (sub-prime derivative systems). Dollar might make everything right!  I didn’t create the system. I only report my observations. There are no leaders anywhere in the world who can resist getting corrupted. The reward of getting American bucks for falling in line with the king makers is fabulous. Reagan, Bush (2) Clinton and Obama were kings created by king makers and their money. The “kings” are controlled, designed to screw the American people (no one believes that) and enrich their friends. The American people love them, elect them, and blame innocent people for their economic misery. Americanism makes you money as a smart investor, that’s all. My blogs tell it like it is. I am not politically correct writer. I tell it like it is. Take it or leave it.  I introduced the solution to future economic recessions in my writings 2 years ago to 2-3 young world education leaders at a London conference (led by Desmond tutu and Coffi Anan). Read about C-MOR in my writings. NO ONE WANTED TO  PURSUE IT.

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  1. Darren Shi permalink
    April 8, 2011 12:05 pm

    Dear Elior,
    This is Darren from Singapore. Apologies, I misplaced the slip of paper with your email. Please let me know how to contact you. Hope you are having a good time in Israel.

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