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A message to investors who follow my behavioral investing strategy!

March 17, 2011

Warning! I did say in my books on behavioral investing that when the price of shares in a company drop for reasons other than problems with the company or the sector, it’s time to buy because the price of the shares will rise back to its company equilibrium. That is one of the principle of BLASH. So, why the warning? Well, Apple just dropped from $364 to $330 per share after the terrible earthquake in Japan (we love the Japanese people and we pray for their full recovery from the disaster). It appears as an opportunity to buy, is it not? Well, it isn’t if you are just a visitor to my blog on behavioral investing, it isn’t if you haven’t read the rest of the information in my books, it isn’t if you are a “fly by night” or a visitor ” on the fly.” And, it isn’t if you are not a serious student of my other related behavioral investing strategies. As I say in my writings on Wealth, Health and Happiness, ¬†preparation and hard work will show the results intended. Opportunistic behavior will not!

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