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My followers are smart III

February 9, 2011

As long as I see more visitors coming to my blog with each segment of “My followers are smart,” I will continue to tell you how smart you are!  I will stop the day the number of visitors to a segment is less than the number of visitors to the last segment. You are smart III if you know that eventually it will happen!

In life, you can’t keep up a good thing forever, it is a psychological law. Knowing that something good will end one day prepares you, may even mitigate the pain. I remember half a century ago when I was young I met a beautiful girl from Spain who kissed me the most passionate kiss any young man could ever experience. She said when the party ended, “I will meet you in front of the movie theater downtown every other Friday at 7 PM.” I said, “Wait, where do you live? How about a phone number?” She put her beautiful hand on my mouth and said, “Shusshhh, remember, every other Friday,” and drove off in her Ferrari, that’s the deal. I bought a calendar. I got tired of Friday evening movies, but  the twenty stormy Friday nights that followed felt like a gift from God. Five months later, at a Friday night party I met a beauty from Brazil who said, “Eli, I can see you only next Friday night before I fly home to Rio.” My bottom dropped! And, I made the “mistake” of my life, so I thought!

Smart people know they will make mistakes, dummies don’t! Smart is understanding that after 20 stormy dates with a beautiful woman from Spain, you bound to make a mistake of judgment. Smart is getting over the pain, loneliness, anger, frustration and longings for the one you missed. One day, twenty years later, walking in the street, I saw her, the girl (now a woman) who kissed me. “Hello, Besso.” “Hello Eli.” That was the extent of what was left to say. I was married to a beautiful woman whose kisses (and everything else) were supreme. The old “mistake”didn’t really seem like a mistake anymore. I was glad it happen. “My followers are smart III” is for the people who will not let pain linger in their heart because they somehow know that new pleasures are waiting eagerly around the corner. You can’t see what’s around the corner, but you start walking because you have faith in yourself. You know that EVERY LOSS IS IN PREPARATION FOR A GAIN! You are Smart III!

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