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“My followers are smart II”

February 2, 2011

My posting “My Followers are Smart” got one of the highest number of visitors of all of my hundreds of postings! Why? Isn’t it obvious? People want to feel good about themselves. So, let me tell you about yourself, as a psychologist with 40 years experience: The Bible is right, you are created in a divine image. You are the culmination of millions of years of improvements, bit by bit, every year a little more wisdom, money, health and an improved relationships. You don’t believe me? Look at your parents’ relationships and yours. Most of you have more money and better relationships.

Don’t settle for less, believe in your ability to create a financial break for yourself. Learn how to make money better than most investors. You can do it. This isn’t a rocket science. The secret in any business is BLASH, whether it is in investing in the stock market or buying and selling merchandise. BLASH stands for Buying Low And Selling High. The key to success is NEGOTIATE, NEGOTIATE, NEGOTIATE, GET A DEAL, PAY LESS BUT PAY A FAIR PRICE, SELL FOR MORE BUT DON’T RIP OFF ANYONE. That is the only way to be smart. There is wisdom, value and nice payoff in playing fair. And, finally, do something for yourself, have fun, get recognition, don’t be afraid to tell how great you are – when you do something well. I have always admired Mohamed Ali, the boxing champ of the world who said on TV, “I am the Greatest!”

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