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Live better: Practice the 10% Rule!

December 21, 2010

A description of the 10% Rule is in all my writings, look for it, practice it.  What I want to share with you here today is how I discovered that awesome tamun rule of living that can help you become wealthy, healthy and happy. Thirty years before I retired in 1998 and became a behavioral investor, I was involved in studying phenomena that most psychologists wouldn’t touch with a ten foot poll: hypnotic regression, guided imagery counseling, unconscious psychotherapy, healing, meditation, even ghost hunting with a partner.  I also did the normal stuff psychologists do.  I lectured on human development, did counseling and presented papers in conventions. One day a middle age lady came to see me at Affiliated Psychological Services complaining about everything, her husband, her job, her kids, her friends, her neighbors, family, the government, herself, even God! I listened, made suggestions, did the “shrink” thing, nothing worked. Walking to my car one evening it downed on me that incessant talking can be a subconscious cover up for something that she was afraid to express, so I kept repeating for a few sessions the sentence, “Mary, what really bothers you?” until she burst out crying, “My husband is sleeping with my younger sister.” The 10% Rule was born. If our minds hide from us the top information that can make a difference in our lives, and replaces it with “soap operas” and conventional “stuff,” than it must be true that the A+ stuff, whatever happens great (or terrible) in our culture, religion, medicine, science, politics, economics, even investments is rarely consciously available to us for use. The available top information is only 90%! Today’s example is: Wikileaks just exposed the hidden top 10% in politics!

On the personal level, start looking for what’s missing in your daily living, I’ll help you find it in my writings, but I must say that when you discover something that’s missing chances are that you will fight the top 10% information because it is unexpected and isn’t part of your belief system. How do you overcome your skepticism that what you hear or see today is really the hidden 10% “A+” stuff? Here is how: From today you start behaving in such a way that it becomes obvious to others within minutes that you have an open mind! That’s it! Make a great effort because only  10% of you can be very successful at pretending an open mind with ease, or even having one instantly!  I will soon post information on the Chinese 1960 Cultural Revolution. Chinese psychology was a great contributor to my insight about the 10% Rule. Enjoy!

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