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This one is a necessary procedural posting!

December 9, 2010

Hi visitors,

I am 74, retired, but I will continue to inform people with the best knowledge how to be happy, healthy and wealthy, as I have done all my life. The only difference is that instead of teaching 30,000 students over the years in classrooms, I will teach millions through the Net!

Recently, the volume of responses that I am getting from you is increasing and I do not have the time to respond to each one of you as I would like to do because I love people. I will continue to respond only to those of you who ask a question related to a posting (30%) and who make a comment regarding a posting (50%). I will respond only to your messages in English (90%) unless I can detect a few words in your language that I can understand. I will absolutely not respond to writings that I don’t understand or do not apply to my work as a psychologist or parapsychologist.

My presence on the Internet is strictly a labor of love for humanity (I don’t care if that sounds Korney). My goal is to educate people to improve their relationships –  the way relationships were intended to be before religion and culture messed them up. I believe only in the positive aspects of religion and culture, i.e., getting together to create happy feelings and getting together to give support when feelings are sad .

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