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Apple at $310, the sky is the limit!

October 16, 2010

Do you know what is the greatest irony of life? The greatest irony in life is that you are always faced with having to made decisions and you never have enough information to make the best ones! Apple hit $310, did you buy when last year when it was $80? Why not? What’s the matter with you, my book The psychology of Investing came out in March 2009 and predicted on page 43 that Apple will hit $300, why didn’t you get it? Well, of course am kidding, that’s the whole point, there were 24 others books and publications by that title on the market, how could you possibly know which one to get! Look, do you remember the girl you didn’t marry? Of course you are forgiven, you didn’t have enough information on all 10 of them to select the right one! Look, do you remember the business you started and then asked yourself why you didn’t start the business you really wanted to do? Again, life is full of Approach-Approach conflicts, all the choices look good at the time, so you didn’t know that the one you got wouldn’t bring the results you expected! This is why you didn’t follow my book, not enough “impressive” information! Well, that is precisely the reason, how do you decide when you have 25 choices in books, schools, girls, boys, businesses, careers or political candidates to select? Your chance on hitting in 2009 on the right book on investing was 4%! I want you to memorize one of the most fascinating psychological principles there is: The Approach-Approach Conflict! So many choices look good so you do what your folks did – select the one that looked impressive, the one with sales pitch, not the one that informs well, but the one that folks liked. Sure, I bought Apple in 1997, so what? Sure, I predicted that it will hit $300 (page 43, and more), so what? My book cover was designed only by a friend. Sure, the rules of investing were clear, easy to follow, but so what? The book is too different, no one wanted to recommend it as a serious investing tool by a – psychologist. Oh, well, good luck to everyone, remember, there is still time in life to master the approach-approach conflict in your relationships, you can still become wealthy, healthy and happy!

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  1. October 17, 2010 2:11 am

    Hellen, I was a psychological consultant to the National Enquirer magazine for 10 years before I retired. You can find more “stuff” by me there. You are certainly welcome to use my knowledge. I like your website. It is a well organized, “rich” and colorful website. Good luck.


  1. World Wide News Flash

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