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AAPL hit $300! Time to celebrate – in the East!

October 14, 2010

Please do me a favor, if you have read my book The Psychology of Investing ( when it came out in the world in March 2009, you smart son of a gun, and if you had the courage to get out of your conventional thinking “box” and learn to invest in a brand new way, you brave son of a gun, and if you followed my “scary” rule breaking investing method, you maverick son of a gun – lots of “ifs” – drop me a line or two! In 2009 Apple was $80 per share. My analysis was that Apple will be $300 but I had no idea that it will be so fast! Even now I don’t know when AAPL will hit $400!

I know there were very few of you out there in the Western World who turned $80,000 into $300,000 in a year and a half! If there were, the western economies would collapse. Middle class people in Canada and the US are nice folks who seem to be happy earning 5% interest from their financial institutions, and unfortunately, will continue to think small. They don’t ever dream of making 300% in 18 months! What can I say, Apple hit $300 per share and there are probably very few North Americans who celebrate, except in Cupertino. The mass celebrations are in Saudi Arabia, in the emerging economies of india, China and other countries where smart people don’t worry about Steven Job’s health and do their Apple homework!

Start following my blogs and websites, it’s not too late. I am one of the few educated dudes on the Internet that doesn’t need to make money – from the Internet! I just want to educate you, something I have done all my life. It’s a Brave New World. Read that book also!

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