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My profound approach to investing – and to life.

October 12, 2010

Robert Frost’s poem The road not taken illustrates that in life’s journey a human being will always come to  a fork in the road and will have to choose only one road, as the saying goes, “You can’t dance on two weddings at the same time unless you are a Muslim.” I had to face many either-or situations in life, like most of you. I married a girlfriend from school, like most of you. I met her at a party, like most of you met yours. I had two kids, like most of you. We divorced, like most of you. By 1982, I had a revelation, unlike most of you? I always knew about Robert Frost’s famous poem, but never took it seriously, like most of you! I read it five times and decided that from then on I will take the road least traveled by – most of you. I married a female student after giving her a battery of psychological tests, doing the statistical analysis and finding that her personality was 96% compatible with mine, something most of you will never do! We have 2 children and are happily married for 29 years, something I wish to all of you! I developed a course in college on the scientific investigation of UFO phenomenal, psychic communication, paranormal events, and teamed up with Dr. Dianne Morrissey, the famous California psychic (You Can See the Light) to investigate – haunted houses, something most of you will never even dream of doing. In 1998 I retired on a generous pension and a nice “nest egg.” My family was financially secure for life. One afternoon in 2001, between jogging and a fancy dinner at a plush restaurant, I was sitting in my comfortable home office looking at my “normal” investment portfolio on the computer. It was all in mutual funds. “What’s the matter, Elior, you couldn’t find the road least traveled in financing your retirement?” I started writing a behavioral investing plan for my assets (also books), analyzing the IQ of CEOs, something regular investors never do. I was a happy maverick again. I bought, held, sold shares only after rigorous psychological analysis, and called it BLASH, something you never heard of. Today I am wealthy beyond  the dream of college professors.

We always face the choice to take the road that everyone takes or the path where no one goes. Well, al my life I took the road that everyone took until I became myself twenty years ago. Like my dad before me and most Americans or Canadians I was everyone else. Guess who wrote about being everyone else? e.e. cummings, the most hated American poet who smashed literary rule to  smithereens. He was such a miserable celebrity that Harvard University invited him to give the commencement address in 1952 at graduation. He called his commencement address “The non-speech.” Thank you, e.e. for the inspiration. Life is so amazing when you walk in a path you create. Now, now, don’t try it yet, first learn in my blogs and websites how to create a new path in a fallow field full of rattle snakes!

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