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My response to Sean McNulty, National Investing Competition Coordinator.

October 8, 2010

Hi Sean,

Facebook would not print my lengthy response to your invitation to join the National Investing Competition. Please read it on my blog The Psychology of Investing ( Thanks for the invitation to join UBC’s banking competition. I have asked Jeff Hawking and Erynn Saunders if they wanted to join with me, you remember them, the 2 “star” participants in my investing class at home. There are a couple of considerations, though: (1) Are “outsiders” qualified to join the UBC competition? I understood that none UBC students could not join the competition? (2) Can Jeff, or Erynn and I TRAIN 2 UBC students in my unique BEHAVIORAL investing method that you as a visitor to my investing club already know is DIFFERENT? I cannot possibly join a competition and present a conventional investing plan since my behavioral method beats them all. (3) I would love to teach my maverick method free to UBC students, competition or not, but as you may know already, if you read my book The Psychology of Investing (Erynn has a copy), I have no desire to “break into any industry” at 74. Please do let me know if you still think that I or my psychological investing method “fit” in with UBC’s National Investing Banking Competition. Either way, I wish you and all students majoring in economics and investing the greatest success. Dr. Elior Kinarthy.

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  1. October 8, 2010 9:35 pm

    Good morning Elior,

    I see I’ve made you’re blog which I presume puts me in good company.

    In regards to your questions:
    1) The competition is nation wide, but only open to University Students. It will feature competitors from the top schools in Canada.

    2) That’s an interesting proposition, although it’s not under my purview to setup a training program. I’d recommend you contact the Sauder School of Business and let them know of your offer.

    3) The psychological investing method you’ve developed, from what I know from attending the meeting at your house, would be better promoted at venue’s than the NIBC. The event is tailored to Investment Banking, rather than trading and investing.

    Appreciate your well wishes Elior and great to hear from you.

    Best wishes on your investing success,

    Sean McNulty
    National Investment Banking Competition and Conference 2011

  2. October 9, 2010 7:04 am

    Dear Sean,

    Thank you for your response. I like your sense of humor. Your presumption is correct. You are in great company when you visit my blog, but in your case, you have been in great company before, knowing people like Erynn Saunders, Jeff Hawking and others. Incidentally, I didn’t know it but I just hired your Younger brother James to do pavement work for me and found out that the “Four Stars” company is your family owned business. I am in great company too. ” One of the great things about living in Victoria is that you get to meet the best people around.

    Congratulation on running the marketing for the national investment banking competition that will give UBC participants valuable hand on banking experience with integrity. I hope behavioral investing can be a part of it in the future. Dr. Elior Kinarthy.

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