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Is Obama good for your investing?

August 29, 2010

No, he is not. Don’t wait for my second book on the psychology of investing to come out this year, get the truth now: Obama is good for public interest groups, especially Labour, not good for individual investors. Here is a major example: Obama decided that the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)  allows special interest groups to nominate company board members and directors, thus weakening management powers to make decisions to trim the work force, change the product line, or do virtually anything a socialist government wouldn’t like. You lose. Can you imagine decisions by Steven Jobs, CEO of Apple, controlled by SEC voters by proxy? The Apple company could have been as “successful” as Fanny Mae or Freddy Mac!

In my second book on the Psychology of investing, I recommend taking your money out of the market before Obama succeeds in redefining the job description of government regulatory agencies, including the SEC. Investors, you earn who you vote for! Obama is not better than Bush for your investing, he is worse!

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