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Can you analyze the equation?

June 3, 2010

May be you are the “free-thinker” that I can share this information with – and may be you are not. The last few weeks have seen an opportunity to make money for a well-trained maverick investor. You may have read my book, but it isn’t enough. Let me test your market analytic skill: Apple’s  HTE/LTE>2 means that out of 36 Wall Street analysts, 20 are one SD away from the Mean. 10 are two SD away from the Mean, and 2-3 are at each extreme tail of the distribution of AAPL share price estimates for the quarter. This increases the probability that a “low ball will bounce higher than usual and that a high ball will bounce lower than usual.” (this event already took place).

If you can understand the above analysis, find a company with HTE/LTE>2 and start sharpening your analytic skills. One day, after dedicated learning of brand new rules and formulas involved in investing, your winning portfolio will reach the top 1%.  My 85-year-old aunt said that I was just a “lucky son of a gun,” and I just smiled and gave her a hug.

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