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Wow! Today Apple surpassed Microsoft in size!

May 27, 2010

At 222 billion dollar value, Apple has just left Microsoft behind at $219 Billion! Steven Jobs has beaten his friend Bill Gates in the biggest computer game on earth – to the benefit of investors who had followed my line of thinking. Now these 2 ex-friends are scrambling for the future? SJ is a genius innovator while BG is an incredible marketer – AAPL will represent the wave of spaceships quality products while MS will be the mass distributor of cheap PCs in China and India. SJ comes from a revolutionary background where danger lurked around every corner – like space itself –  while BG grew up as a great manager in a steady environment that relied heavily on others for creative thinking.

BG is physically healthy, SJ is not, and no investor in their competing enterprises is immune to surprises, but my bet is on AAPL. Having won the first phase of the race, the “turtle” has become the “hare.” Kudos to those investors who follow my line of thinking for future wealth: Buy shares in companies that will make products designed for spaceship navigation, and communication. A third generation iPAD will probably cross that threshold within a few years! Be ready to use it on the spaceship Enterprise, smart one!

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