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AAPL ‘HIT’ $260!

April 22, 2010

In my book The psychology of Investing that was published in March 1209 I wrote, “The dip started on January 17, 2008, created an opportunity to consider buying Apple at $135, then at $130, then at $120.”  (page 42). In the summer of 2008 when the book was sent to the publisher, I wrote “Apple which went down by more than $144, may still go up by $184.” (page 43). Today, Apple “hit” $260! If you add $120 or $135 to $184 you get $304 or $319, getting awfully close to the prediction in my book.

About my book: It’s a great money-making program, but very few people buy the book because it is self-published, has spelling errors, is not recommended by anyone famous, nor is it praised or acknowledged by certified economists. The book may be all over the internet, but it hasn’t been “discovered” and probably won’t be. You see, the book may be the clearest road to wealth for a middle class person but it is a new road that very few conventional people dare to travel. The road signs are different. I break sacred rules of traveling to the money tree, for example, I show that knowing psychology is more important for accumulating wealth than knowing economics! Wow! I state that diversity and liquidity are more political rules than economic rules when it comes to the average Main Street investor. Wow! Sure, I make a lot of money using my system, but even friends and relatives think that I am just lucky. After all, how could Elior use Piaget to come up with a formula for estimating market reversibility? Listen, there is nothing about me that is conventional, so don’t even bother to read unless you are looking for new wave to surf!

People didn’t follow Mr. Maverick’s (his real name) when he made new cattle ranching rules in Texas, and people won’t follow maverick Drelior when I make new investing rules here. You see, most people follow the familiar “stuff” even when it brings them only a life of “quiet desperation.”

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