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Investors beware: Nothing has changed!

April 20, 2010

Let’s imagine that I am writing this piece in 2012. The American people should have voted out of office in November 2010 the heads of the Security and Exchange Commission and Senate and House finance committees. These 3 individuals let the CEOs of financial institutions “regulate” themselves into your grocery money! These smart politicians waited and waited and then made great speeches just before November 2010. They got reelected and allowed the subprime mortgages to be packaged into worthless derivatives again and again. Ladies and gentlemen, dear investors, my followers, we bought low in early 2010 and we sold high recently. Let’s raise a toast to BLASH!

Those who take my maverick workshops on money matters know BLASH well, the others, oh well… conventional investors, I wish you all to do as well, but it’s impossible that everyone climbs atop the money tree (read my 10% Rule)… unless you master behavioral investing and finance!

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