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My God, don’t you care about your investments anymore???

April 17, 2010

Yes, my question is to the American voters who keep voting for the same representatives in Washington that take your money and give it to the billionaires that don’t need it. Here is history in a flash: Henry Paulson, the CEO of Goldman-Sachs (GS) is appointed treasury secretary of the US. Goldman Sachs packages subprime mortgages into useless derivatives and sells them to every “stupid” entity that would buy them. Markets collapse. Congress gives GS your bailout money in the billions without strings attached (congress is robbing you). GS is free to do with your money what they wants. At the “right” moment, your “smart” government takes Goldman Sachs to a civil court as a “window dressing.”  The American people buy it. They are fooled again by their representatives that they are fighting corruption. Your money finances the court proceedings. Goldman Sachs may pay a fine, probably smaller than their profits. Changing banking regulation losses support on Main Street. An honest congressman dares to propose new legislation to curb banking behavior and is voted out – by YOU!  That works well for the “Fat cats.” The “damage control” commercials ” multiply like rabbits. They are worth their weight in gold-man and sachs.”  The American people vote again for their  “protective” representatives.

Are you stupid or what to be so influenced by manipulative commercials? Don’t tell me that you “feel helpless” because you know, you can vote them out in November. I think that you just don’t care anymore about investing your money right. Well, for the few of you that still do, tune in regularly to my 2 blogs and start making honest money again. We need your economy. You will become part of the solution and not stay part of the problem. Namaste.

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