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Mel Karmazin: You are sitting on a gold mine.

February 27, 2010

Mr. Karmazin, with 18 million subscribers, Sirius XM will not make it above the $1 for too long, even with another kick in the pocket from Howard Stern.  You may be there for 10 days to stay listed – with a nice quarterly report – but for how long? Don’t gamble. You know what to do. Do it. You have contracts with major car companies: OPERATE SMART, (1) make people want to drive their cars (I can tell you how to do that psychologically), (2) “Melt” the $15 fee per month into the price of the car (Call Ford, this one is a must), giving new car buyers Sirius XM “free” for 5 years, (3) Streamline your operations, modernize, save money, (4) Expand, make the programming selections more attractive than at the present (call me, or any good psychologist, for that one), and (5) For God’s sake, don’t diversify.  Hey, man, you are sitting on a gold mine and you are fiddling with rocks. Dig in. Start rolling. I own your stock! 🙂

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