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What is Portfoliophobia?

February 25, 2010

My promise to you to tell it like it is without a spin, regardless of your reaction, is as strong as it has always been. Why? Because your growth and development, your life, depends on knowing the true score. Today, I zero in on your attitude toward your Portfolio. Did you know that most people neglect their portfolios? Did you know that most people follow investing rules that make them lose money? If a portfolio was your girlfriend, she’d leave you a long time ago. Who likes to be ignored, neglected, or left to others to manage? People who work hard but don’t advance, don’t look good. Millions of investors don’t pay attention to their portfolios, and there is only one psychological explanation for the huge number – Porfoliophobia!

Most people believe in a huge economic fallacy 😦  “The people who manage my money know much more than I do about investing. They understand the complexity of it. They know how to keep my assets liquid and diversified. They use formulas that help me save the right amount of money for retirement, and so on.”

These are all false beliefs 😦  Take a walk in the street, and look at people. Most don’t look like they have ten times more financial problems, health issues, and relationship troubles than you would think – but they do!  They live a life of “quiet desperation” pretending that things are better than they are, without making them so.

Well, I wouldn’t tell you bad news without giving you an opportunity to change your situation. That would be cruel. The good news is that the change is easy to do, real easy to understand – all you have to do is read the content of my 2 blogs with an open mind, that’s all! The truth will blow your mind away. I will get you started on your intended journey. Enjoy!

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