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Should Germany bailout Greece?

February 11, 2010

Germany, the “queen of exports” in the world today, should not bailout Greece or any other country. Greece should learn from the Germans how to build a society from ruin with hard work.  The European Union should bailout Greece, after the Greek government and parliament vote to give the EU the right to run the Greek economy for 5 years. Needless to say, that will not happen. Why? Because the Greeks know that Germany will bail them out so they don’t need to restructure their poor economic practices. Alas, the economy of this world is in a mess, because the rich economies help the poor economies with no strings attached. One of the worse things that Liberal leaders have ever invented is unconditional welfare and charity. It is so demeaning to live on handout, except for the ones who throw you a few pennies. They feel good. Now, this one should get me a few responses from German tax payers.

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  1. March 3, 2010 9:47 am

    I agree with your sentiment wholeheartedly and believe you will enjoy my post on the subject quite a bit – in fact you may laugh out loud!

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