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Don’t invest in newspapers, they are dying!

February 1, 2010

You can get the New York Times for free on the internet, why subscribe? Newspapers that tried to charge a fee for internet access –  failed. Newspapers that tried to malign Google as a ‘news stealer,’ didn’t succeed either. Moguls tried to get government to regulate the free flow of information on the internet, to no avail. The next maneuver that is coming is straight from the ‘kindergarten.’ Some newspapers have told Google, “If you don’t pay us for our news information you steal from us, we will give it free to your rivals.” Wow! What a regressive type of thinking about ‘toys,’ won’t work either. Many newspapers turned ‘tabloid’ style of sensationalism with the hope that customers will pick up the ‘juicy’ headlines at the food register. It isn’t working either. Let’s face it, the advertising business epitomizes the survival of the fittest. With Environmentalists complaining that “paper kills forests,” it’s the coup de gras to the industry, assaulted from both sides. Well, my friend, if you still think that buying stock in newspapers can produce profit, try to sell dinosaur and mammoth bones to a mortuary. Soon only a mortuary will make a living of dying newspaper – and  grandpa that invest in anything that still moves.

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