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IPO secrets

November 30, 2009

A  long time ago, before I wrote two guidebooks on behavioral investing, taught a workshop, started the V-BIF club, and had a website, my broker GMB at Morgan Stanley laughed and said,

“Eli, you can’t be serious about Google. First, I couldn’t get you the IPO price because you are not on the list of  VIP investors, and second, you want to gamble a $100 per share on two college kids?’

“I know, Ben and Jerry ice cream make more sense than Page and Brim Google.”

“Ben and Jerry make money, isn’t that the name of the game?”

“No, Barry, BLASH is the name of the game.”


“Never mind.”

That was the day I stopped listening to conventional thinkers. I couldn’t get GOOG for $90 so I got it for $130. You know the rest of the G story. Barry retired. Guess what he would say today if I told him that I am watching the Twitter bird like a hawk? He’d probably say, “What’s wrong with getting a nice field mouse like Pinnacle Micro?” Jesus said, “They know not what they do.” Did he mean the Romans in Judea  or the New Yorker on Wall Street? See you folks on Gore’s superhighway 🙂

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