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Boredom kills!

November 21, 2009

Boredom kills! Now that I am retired at 73, my active life involves only curing my cancer (done), making money, erecting incredible blogs like this one in fabulous WordPress, creating avant-garde websites with GoDaddy, teaching psychology of investing workshops, and impacting the lives of the lucky ones in Victoria, British Columbia, and those of you who visit me on the Internet. My passive life involves reminiscing over a glorious half a century of achievements since I arrived penniless in New York City from Tel Aviv.

Yesterday, I came across my ‘widget’ with PRIVILEGED INFORMATION, incorporating BREAKTHROUGH, from November 1, 1988: “Boredom generates stress… as much stress as being under pressure. Boredom, though, can have even more harmful effects. Often, people who are bored by their everyday routine seek stimulation through alcohol, sexual promiscuity, drugs, etc. Better: Push to learn something new, such as photography, painting, carpentry, etc. Once we are involved in a new hobby, we feel more fulfilled.”

My article ‘reminded’ me why I feel so fulfilled.

My friend, your time to get on the ‘bandwidth bandwagon’ has arrived… meet you somewhere on the Internet.

Dr. Eli.

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  2. May 26, 2010 11:00 am

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