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Beliefs, relationships, and investing!

October 28, 2009

My friend and I spent a leisurely afternoon at  Starbucks. We talked about gambling. I bought a lottery ticket six months ago. He never does. I played Black Jack in Las Vegas last time we went there. He just went for the food and the shows.

“Eli, so you are an investor now?”

“Yes, and let me guess what you’d say next?”


“That buying stocks is a sophisticated form of gambling.”

“It’s gambling for sure, but it is not sophisticated.”

“I am sure it is gambling for some people.”

I could have said, “George, investing is not gambling at all,” but my philosophy is that people I like who are in a good relationship with me deserved to be acknowledged for their views and not opposed. George and I have opposite views on just about everything in life, and he would never know that fact unless he asks my true opinion. The truth is that I have not met a person in 30 years who disliked me. If they knew what I truly thought about their beliefs, I’d probably not meet a person in 50 years who liked me.

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