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Astronomers discovered a habitable planet (This one is important)

May 17, 2017

“Last year, scientists from the U.S., Israel, the U.K, Chile, Poland, Germany, Spain and France discovered an “Earth-like” planet. This planet is just outside our own solar system, only four light years away – that’s nothing if you’re a flashlight beam! It orbits a red dwarf star called Proxima Centauri, so the scientists creatively dubbed it “Proxima b.””

I picked up this quote from an article on the internet. I got excited. How do you like to be the only dude that know about aliens for real and is ridiculed? I taught about Alpha Centauri and Zeta Reticulai in a college parapsychology class for 25 years. I had discussions with Astronomers and geneticists about which Planet, Zeta b or Pisidia b, the aliens came from to Atlantis 30,000 years ago. My course was popular but not believed. I had all the scientific evidence and none of my colleagues wanted to study it. They still don’t. The quote above that just came out is refreshing but it won’t do much. Humans don’t want to face that they live by a 25 hours circadian motion while people (aliens) who live on Pisidia live by 26 CM and the Neanderthal by 24 CM. Edgar Cayce the psychic wrote, “Poseidon was the younger brother of Zeus and he married Claito, a Neanderthal daughter whose father’s name was Evenor and they lived in an Abyssinian cave in the Azores before Atlantis started there.”  I know it sounds crazy, but we humans have between 2% and 10% Neanderthal genes.

Thank God scientists are discovering the aliens little by little. My life is rich because of them.


Savings is not the way to prepare for retirement.

May 13, 2017

When I was young statements on TV seemed very impressive to me. Even as a college professor at 40 I thought those commercials for savings were something to listen to. I had 3 savings accounts, 4 Annuities, a mutual fund, limited partnership, one IRA and many deferred compensation accounts. Then, one day in a conference we discussed who saves and who invests. I was shocked to discover that socialists save and capitalists invest, that the US is wealthy and the EU is poor, but above all that when I retire if I keep my standard of living my various saving accounts would empty one after the other before I knew it!

I needed a strategy to invest. First I realized that I wasn’t a socialist at heart, my savings were not a function of my belief system. I REALLY didn’t believe stupid things about money. I “inherited” ideas from my parents and from being a teacher, 1) I didn’t believe that paying off my mortgage was a good strategy – it was terrible. Today, I borrow the max every time my home value is appraised up. I pay my taxes with borrowed money and invest the rest in the market, 2) Today I have a wonderful Roth IRA invested in Goog, 3) Today I am free and smart.

Today I know that “fake news” applies also to commercials, not just politics. Today I know that fake ideas and beliefs infest economics like a disease. I wrote 2 books on the psychology of it and, man, you wouldn’t believe what I found out! Did you know that Buffett said that the economic law of Diversity apply only to investors who don’t know how to pick winning stocks? Did you know that the economic law of Liquidity apply only to markets and not to individual investors?

As the Nobel price winner (2002) Daniel Kahneman once said, “Most people are too lazy to make the best decisions for themselves. I used to be one of them. Today I am retired taking cruises with my beautiful wife.

I wish you the best recovery from savings accounts, annuities, deferred compensation, limited partnerships and mutual funds.


May 2, 2017

This one is my emotional right: It is a chapter in my book, The Psychology of Investing. It means that because the United States since its inception had saved the world from itself, investments in Wall Street work best! They do. America protected freedom in the world and spread democracy around the world more than all other nations combined. There is greater US influence on trade and other things forever, scientifically proven, get on the band wagon before it is too late. “Made in the US” will always show up best. This is a fact that makes most investment in America successful beyond any imagination. That is not acceptable by most “losers” who think they are winners, of course not, not ever acknowledged. As for my self, I am a very successful immigrant because I figured the magnificent USA early in the game of good life. I put it in my book big. Products and services coming from America have premium quality, acceptance, almost love. I laugh when my economist friends tell me, “Wait and see, China is taking over, Russian , Indian, these learned people are missing the psychology of earth. Without the USA the world would have been a bunch of dictators running around getting their heads chopped off by smart idiots. If you depend on America for money and freedom you got it right, if you depend on the world, watch it, socialist judges are coming to get your rights in the name of their rights to leftist fascism. Soon all the American universities will get back their first amendment rights to free speech. Why? Because this is America, we don’t regress too far or too long like other countries do. Bless God, America and Trump for damping Hillary. Thank God for giving us our right to freedom and prosperity back!

A president who lived in delusion.

April 9, 2017

B F Skinner found out that the Law of Effect of Dr. Thorndike worked. Behavior is controlled by its consequence. He called Dr. Pavlov and asked his opinion. Pavlov said, “Yes, behavior is controlled by its consequences and emotions are controlled by associations. Skinner responded, “How?” Pavlov said, “My dog salivated to the sound of a bell today that rang yesterday while the dog was eating a piece of meat. Wow!”They conducted 10,000 research projects on that finding and declared, “Conditioning determines how humans live.” If you ignore this basis rule you bring disaster on yourself. Darwin said, “Right on, boys, you got it, awareness is survival of the fittest, those that figured out Conditioning get to eat and those that bite the hand that feed them starve. You reward bad behavior and punish good behavior and you are doomed. You bring disaster on yourself.”

Obama read about it and said, “Hogwash, boys, you psychologists are stupid, it’s all common sense, not Conditioning. We humans are above conditioning. I will trust Assad to get rid of chemical weapons and he will because I’ll be nice to him.” He did and Assad took advantage of Obama and screwed him up, stupid Rice and Kerry included. There are 2 kinds of people on earth, psychologists say, smart and stupid. The smart ones bomb the hell out of a leader that gas children with Sarin gas. He stops!  The stupid one listens to his mind and hear the promises, not the science of behavior, just promises to get off the hook. Obama believed that Assad will send his sarin gas to Russia just because, like kids would say, just because, stupid… because you asked him. Obama trusted the bad guys. Trump trusted his generals. Obama is out. Trump is in. The lesson is simple. Watch the consequences of your behavior, Socrates said, examine your behavior, dude. and don’t forget the associations and act accordingly. Don’t punish your kid at the dining table and creat his problem eating. We have enough obese people around, you stupid! The other day in the mall I saw a mother screaming at her kid, “Don’t scream at me,” she screamed. The kid screamed back, “You are screaming, mom, not me.” Is there hope for humanity’s awareness of itself? You judge!

Stupid psychiatric diagnosis

April 4, 2017

“It was no secret during the campaign that Donald Trump was a narcissist and a demagogue who used fear and dishonesty to appeal to the worst in American voters,” the Times editorial board wrote in the first of a four-part op-ed titled “Our Dishonest President.”

In September, the same editorial board called Trump “unqualified and unsuited to be president” and said his election would be “catastrophic for the nation.”

Dr. Kinarthy’s, a psychologist, commentary:

Let me analyse this editorial quote from the LA Times:

This article in the LA Times is a classic example of meaningful  “Fake news,” and worse.  An unqualified psychiatric opinion by a louly reporter is not news; it’s fear and ignorance. To brand Trump a “narcissist” without being qualified to judge psychiatric terms is like you and me pick up a person in the street who said something and diagnose him as being paranoid schizophrenic with delusional tendencies. I would not do that even to this LAT reporter although it sounds about right! You are not a trained doctor or a trained tester of presidents with the MMPI. You just have feelings from childhood with dad, growing up in a liberal home. I bet you that the reporter doesn’t even know the DSM definition of a narcissist. Stating banalitiest in public indicates a “System One” error of thinking fallacy as explained by Nobel price winner Dr. Daniel Cahneman.” And, as far as accusing Trump of being a “demagogue,” he is not. President Trump is a very successful businessman. The reporter’s views of him tell us more about the reporter than about Trump!  That kind of jealousy is terrible to feel. The reporter probably doesn’t have a lot of money, never built anything physical that contributed to people living and doesn’t have a beautiful and successful family like Trump has. Jealousy is the most vicious feeling in a relationship (leads to hate, murder, antisemitism, etc). The reporter’s jealousy of Trump means that no one can ever convince him to apologize to president Trump for writing this stupid article! I also see a Freudian Projection in the quote from the LA Times. Trump is not dishonest, the people at the LA Times may be – to write things without knowledge! But, a last segment from the quote in the LAT is the worse! Believing that Trump, a very successful business leader is less qualified to be president than “community organizer” Obama,  oh, my God, it’s stupid! What the reporter really meant was, “Trump is less qualified to be president because he is a right-winger,” and that tells it all about the reporter! It remind me of another newspaper in another country called “Haarets,” that is not qualified to be a newspaper because it is full of fake news.

Sad, sad, sad,  because these fake but powerful reporters and newspapers don’t understand that disseminating their “childhood” views slow the progress of humanity towards peace and prosperity. Let us hope that with education these opinion framers can change. I’ll give it another 100 years before it becomes too late for humanity to recover from the historical damage from Socialism, Fascism, Islamism, Communism, Leftism, Liberalism, or any other future delusions of the good life bring just around the corner!

Psychological analysis: Where is Tesla going?

March 15, 2017

As a super successful investor/psychologist who wrote 2 “Thinking out of the Box” books on investing in the Market through psychology, I’ll give you part of one of my best analyses of Tesla’s future as a CC. You might have guessed by now that investing through psychology (not company balance sheet) literally means that if you do a statistical analysis of variance of share prices, you will have to assign the weight of the variable called CEO of TSLA to more than .51 (Please select other 4 variables as you wish). That means that all the other variables of predicting share price movement, by definition, must be weaker than .49 combined, expecting also a small error variance! Therefore, Alon Musk becomes the grand wazir here responsible for reading the “Tea leafs” of the personality of  Trump, the new CEO of the country! In sum, these 2 genius CEO’s will determine how much money Tesla the “Cash Cow” (CC) will bring us! Kapish?

Tesla on November 8 (Election Day) was $194.94 per share (Numerology: Trump/Tesla 94/94). Trump won the CEO Prez. by surprise. Musk was in shock, Tesla dropped to $181.45 by November 14. Eleven days later we had a reality check and the idea of Trump as CEO materialized by November 25, the market (and Musk) had a second thought about Trump, and Tesla jumped back to $196.65. Trump was still inexperienced and Goofy as president, the market reacted and Tesla went back to $181.45 by December 2. The public still weren’t sure that Trump would deliver big as promised. In December Trump started delivering his good high energy CEO stuff. He and Alon Musk became “presidential” (Musk was appointed economic adviser) and the cash cow woke up. By January 24, 2017 Tesla reached $254.47, then $249.24, and by February 14 it was $255.85 and by March 13 Tesla was $280 per share!!!

The analysis:

A Tesla share earned about a $100 in 2 months! What happened between December 2, 2016 and February 14, 2017 were 2 transformations: Alon Musk who was a leftist liberal who disliked Trump a lot, was appointed by Trump as economic adviser (cognitive dissonance). Alon was forced mentally to realize for the first time ever to his chagrin that Trump was his ticket to great success, a genius like him that meant business when he said “let’s make American great again,” just like Musk meant business when he said, “Let’s live on Mars.” (Alon Musk will one day be the energy Tzar of the USA and Tesla will be the prime energy company of America). These 2 individuals will define the 21st Century!!!!

Back to Tesla making money: Between January 25 and March 14, there were 5 support/resistance changes in Tesla shares curve. That and other indicators mean that the public is still cautious in accepting the transformation of the United States into a prime mover of business on earth (The damage socialist Obama has caused as president will continue to be visible for a while). The public is skeptic about Tesla, Musk and Trump at the helm. Where is Tesla going from $250 per share? Up or down? Where is Alon going from Tesla, Solar City, the Tunnel under Los Angeles, Space X and landing  settlers on Mars? To bankrupcy? And, where is Trump going to do for the next 4 (probably 8) years as CEO of the greatest country on earth? Really make life here great?

Can Trump deliver what Obama couldn’t?

March 11, 2017

Yes, you bet, I put my money where my mouth is already, yes, Trump will deliver, it’s in his ‘genes’ to deliver on promises. Trump is not Obama. Trump got rich in America, Obama got rich in government, Trump built things, Obama built government programs, Trump invested, Obama run welfare programs, Trump invested big, Obama helped your savings accounts make 1% more interest.

Why? It’s in their personalities. Obama is afraid to take risks. He is a passive person. Trump is a nationalist for America, Obama is an internationalist for the world, Trump is an entrepreneur, Obama is a bureaucrat, Trump thinks big, Obama thinks small, Obama loves a group that thinks like him,  he hires them.  Trump loves a group that produces real things – he hires them. The 2 men are so different psychologically like night and day, Obama is a socialist in disguise, a classic leftist thinker, a pacifist among wolves, a sweet simpleton among the sharks, a navigator of a huge ship who thinks he was a skipper of a small boast, in shot, Obama was the mistake of the unthinking minority voters in America. What about Trump?  Trump is hated by millions of insecure people because they fear the consequences when he says things outside the box. That is stupid because democrats are the very people who treat bad people with kindness and are not afraid of the consequences! They got it reversed.  Trump is loved by people who know how to connect the dots and kick ass as needed. It is terrible when you give money to terrorists like democrats do and then say either that “These are not terrorists, they can be nice people soon because I gave them money to go to school.” Republicans live in a world they way it is, democrats live in the world the way they want it to be. Democrats are paternalistic, so they keep you needy, republicans help you become independent. Leftists are collectivistic, rightist are individualistic. The difference between republicans nad democrats are night and day. Anyone who tell you otherwise is an idiot. don’t do business with him unless you want to lose money. Why do you think the “First Nation” in Canada never integrated? The answer is simple: It’s because Liberal governments are paternalistic?  I  could go on and on but I will stop here because as you know leftist readers can never learn a thing from a right-wing psychologist like me how to get a better life. As Trump would say in a twit – sad!

The next 8 years with Trump as president are good for 20 trillion $$$ more in the NYSE , absolutely great for investments. I am already in, are you? If you are a socialist or a democrat – probably not. All your energy in the next 2 years will go to save your seat in Congress. You will lose it unless you get some real value in your American life.  Make your values productively great!