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I am trying to come back.

August 28, 2019

I have taken a break from my blogs because I had very few responses about my posts. I will today, August 27, 2019 to resume my writing in my blogs. If the response is good I will add the most important blog in a human life, a blog that will make a difference in your life if you are willing to become a more authentic person, no more games!


Dr. Elior

God created man in His own image, in the image of God HE created Female and male created them.

May 11, 2018

וַיִּבְרָא אֱלֹהִים אֶת-הָאָדָם בְּצַלְמוֹ, בְּצֶלֶם אֱלֹהִים בָּרָא אֹתוֹ:  זָכָר וּנְקֵבָה, בָּרָא אֹתָם.

Obama and Keri don’t understand psychology

May 9, 2018

Be quiet, you two billbos not so bright politicians, please, it time for a great natural strong psychologist, Mister DT in the WH, show us what you can do with bad bad TRADERS.  Trump, you are our Schumpeter, the Harvard professor who predicted and designed American new USA for a great change in society. Obama and Keri are “losers” and even subversives. Fight them in the courts. Sessions got to go too, bring in the DoJ a Dershowich, another one from Harvard. Let Keri and Obama, who are not sufficiently educated enough go, go! They got us for 8 years and the world is much worse. They will change the US permanently, God forbid. Fight their stupid ideas about appeasement. Halifax in the USA, absolutely NO! The time for “creative desolution” of the last 8 years is here, is here now. The old order got to go. Is Keri a spy? What do you think?

Trump, Xi Jinping, Besos, Obama, Hillary, get the players straight, for your life dude!

April 5, 2018

As a psychologist I will tell it as it is, Obama as US president was afraid to make tough decisions for 8 years so the US lost its world leadership, the American people suffered while Obama continued to make great speeches and be liked as a do nothing president. Xi Jinping saw Obama’s weakness and became an active president of China, took advantage of Obama’s fears of confrontations and made all the tough trade decisions in favour of China. The Chinese sold their products to the US cheap and bought little back. Xi put the Chinese workers to work and got elected president for life, Obama got the American workers welfare checks and make lots of dependent friends for life. Besos got into the act. He got rich like the Chinese by exploiting Obama inaction about imposing internet taxes on the exploding Amazon internet sales! Besos sold everything on the internet and paid no sales tax. Amazon made investors rich.

Let’s be funny for a minute: God watched with alarm when Hillary Clinton got very close to becoming president of the United States after Obama. The US economy was “sick” by 2016 and needed an “opposite of Obama, not a continuation of Obama through Hillary.” Trump, the second Teddy Roosevelt got in as president, and he started “Kicking all the exploiters.” Now, all these exploiters, whether it was Xi from the outside or Besos from the inside, said, “No problem, no body likes Trump, everybody is jealous of his success as a businessman, but we can handle him, the fake media is with us, we still have Hillary for speech, social Justice is active and Obama’s eloquence still here. The illegals are still coming, the masses will put on the pressure on Trump in the streets, he will fail, etc.”

Let’s be even funnier for the next 7 years: By God, Trump did it, big time. Internet retailers are paying taxes, the small businessmen in America are saved, the Chinese trading with America is about 55/45 (and they are happy about being 10% ahead. How did Trump do it?), the media complain about Trump giving the Chinese a 10% advantage, the Russian Putin is behaving nice and is a frequent guest in WH dinners, congress is investigating the 10th collusion with the Russian. My God, life is good. Poor Madonna, she still hates Trump so much! She moved to Canada till 2024! The Jews still vote Democrats. The Israelis built a Trump Tower in Kikar Zion! Humous taste has improved. God is resting!

There is hope in the air. I will write about the soul!

His name was Dr. Ralph Steineman, MD, and his story was almost as incredible as mine!

March 20, 2018

This story is half fiction and half true. Dr. Ralph Steineman, an Oncologist from Victoria spent a week in Vancouver in 1973 with his friend Dr. Smith, a professor of immunology at UBC. They were writing a paper on the relationship between red and white blood cells in a human body Type AB. At 4 PM just as they were closing the medical lab, Dr. Steineman playfully drew a drop of arterial blood and glanced in the microscope, something he has done many times since they started their study of blood samples a year before. The white blood cells moved and formed a circle around a slightly larger white blood cells that looked differently. The cells had tiny extensions forming. ‘looks like a dendritic neutron in the brain,’ he said. Smith just stared. They closed the lab and went to their usual pub. They were both Irish, although Ralph was also Jewish. St. Patrick is next week,” Smith said.
At night Ralph dreamt that the “dendritic” blood cell was really different from all the white others. It looked black in the dream. This was a weird dream, a dream psychologists call “racial” dream, sometimes call “precognitive” or “premonition.” This dream seem deep, weird, primordial and vivid.  “it must not appear in my report,” he said to Smith in the morning. “why?” asked Smith. The cell was a Freak, it had 2 arms,2 legs and a long head.” They rushed to the lab to find out if Ralph’s first impression from the night before was true. Smith took the key, opened the door and looked at the microscope. The cell was dead. the human form of the weird cell dissolved and did not look like a WBC or a nerve cell. It looked like a blood clot. “We lost the data,’ Ralph said, “I can only speculate, the cell seemed greyish and had many short extensions all around like brain Dendrites and a few long ones that looked like axons, like a nerve cell in the brain, but certainly different, like an alien cell from another planet.” Smith looked at him intently. (to be continued).

May God lift you to be like Ephraim and Menashe. יְשִׂימְךָ אֱלהיִם כְּאֶפְרַיְם וְכִמְנַשֶּׁה

December 30, 2017

Hi everyone,

My last posting for 2017 is about God, Joseph, the two sons of Israel and you, anywhere on Earth. I hope 2017 was a good year for you in terms of Love, health and Money (LHM), the three pillars of God, in the Universe as is, called Elohim in Hebrew (The God of Planet Earth is El, a short version of El-ohim). If 2017 was not a good year for you in any of the three “pillars of Elohim” places – 2018 will be a good place to be. symbolically, Menashe (bad year) was born before Ephraim (Good year). You don’t have to be Jewish to benefit from this insight, only to be an authentic human being and believe that God is watching you and will bestow you happiness if you deserve it.

“May you be like Ephraim (happy) and Menashe (sad)” means that this blessing by Biblical Joseph of his two sons in Egypt elevated the younger son over the older son. This means that sadness is secondary in life’s circumstances, but God places happiness first as soon as he/she decides that you earned it. Happiness is elevated it to a primary position. 2018 will be your happy year. Be positive. Amen.

One year later: Did Trump made the economy better?

December 26, 2017

The liberals say No, the economy got better before he became president. The conservatives said Yes, his tax cut and super leadership did it. Who is right? The conservatives! There is a psychological finding that says, “Liberals believe that Trump is not indispensable and conservatives believe that Trump is indispensablee.” Let me explain it for the benefit of the readers of my blog. People of the left believe that leaders are dispensable, if not George Washington there would have been another man, if not Steve Jobs another guy would have started Apple just as good, if not Hitler another evil man could have killed 6 million Jews, these idiots say it’s OK to pick up a CEO for your company off the gulf course, they are all experienced. In blunt words, leftists are losers! I bought shares because of Elon Musk and my leftist friend said, “Anyone could start Tesla and Solar City.” Idiots! Anything started by a group and not by a special individual, will be mediocre! guaranteed! The answer is, “Trump is indispensable making America great.” I voted for him, I also bought shares and voted for Bezos, Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg and 10 other indispensable CEOs, oh yes, Jack Ma and Elon Musk too. And what about liberals and leftists, they bought shares in Smith, Jones, Kaka and Harry Doodledee, remembers the losers! Listen, do you want to be rich and successful in anything you do? Shed of your leftist characteristics, drop globalism, dispensable leaders, welfare, socialism. legalism, austerity, paternalism, EU thinking, government programs, weak defence, appeasement, rewarding criminals, Lord Halifax, Oh, yes, get rid of Chamberlains too, and so on, Elect Churchill,  you know the stupid ideas when you see them, drop them off, I don’t have to tell you, drop them off like a fly, they are no good for your good life. Make good money, instead. It’s a short life, enjoy it! Don’t open a savings account for 1% interest, open an investment account for much more, pick up indispensable CEO’s and start taking vacations. Life’s Good started by a Korean company. You own their appliance, LG!

The unconscious conspiracy that dooms cancer patients to death!

December 24, 2017

I was different. At first I thought that radiation and surgery were the way to win. I didn’t think beyond X-rays and photon radiation. Hormone treatment worked until it didn’t and then they hit you with chemotherapy. I checked out the chiefs in Israel, Canada, Germany, all the same, wait a minute, an immunological in Cologne was different: Robert Gorter was holistic, he used everything that worked. I checked Israel, got a call from the chief oncologist in Tel Aviv, “The Gorter Model is not as good as you think, Dr. Kinarthy.” By now I am used to it, everyone is afraid of change! Losing money! It happened in Cologne, then in Athens and now in Tel Aviv, the unconscious conspiracy dooms cancer patients to death.” Not me, baby, I am alive, 5 MRI’s show no trace of cancer. The oncologists don’t get it. The really believe a third-rate therapy is  better than a first-rate therapy! It got to be the fear of losing livelihood. You can’t fight that. They got to eat. The establishment will not allow the Gorter Model to get into main stream cancer therapy. People will continue to die. Not me, so why do I care? I cry. They are good doctors, they really believe there are no better treatment than what they do!

As the saying goes, “If you can’t fight city hall, join it!” But not this time. You don’t support third-rate cancer programs. We will have a “Gorter Model” cancer treatment centre in Athens, rain or shine: Good people deserve to live!

Why are the democrats and republicans as different as night and day?

December 21, 2017

I don’t think you’d believe it, unless you are a psychologist or very imaginary, so I will tell you the truth about republicans and democrats towards the end of this posting. I am afraid that if I tell it to you that now, you’d scream ‘No way, it’s impossible, I can’t believe it, doctor Kinarthy, you are crazy”!

Well, there are some differences between democrats and republicans that you can readily accept, albeit with a grudge or a surprise, for example, democrats open more savings accounts and republicans open more investing account or democrats like big government and republicans like small government (The psychological explanation for this one is what I leave to the end of this posting because it is shocking!). But there are some differences you know but can’t readily accept because they cause problems, for example, democrats don’t like borders (any borders, not just the Mexican border, for example, most doctors who join Doctors Without Borders (DWB) are leftists, democrats or liberal, never conservatives, there are no leftist republicans in America), more democrats than republicans cross the line more readily when it comes to sexual conduct, and so on.

I think you may be ready for an explanation why republicans like small government and democrats love big government, that will enlighten you and guide you with wisdom for the rest of your life. Freud said, “The child is the father of the man.” He incorporated his finding about kids as a cornerstone of Psychoanalysis in 1905? Here is your answer:  Children who would one day become adult democrats were raised to believe that  their group would normally make better decisions for them than they could do as individuals. Now you know why the democrats in congress cannot vote for trump’s decisions for American. They weren’t raised that way as children.

What happens when you raise a child to believe that the group he belongs to makes better decisions than him? (We see that in Israeli Kibbutz – maturation in the teens slows down!) (Piaget’s Abstract Operations Stage). The mental growth spurt of Individuation slows down. The average democrat cannot make mature decisions without group guidance and would prefer government authority to spend his money as “entitlements.”  Thus, you can say, “Democrats are not as mature as republicans in making decisions!” Now, go out and observe the democrats and republicans in congress and see if you agree with this psychiatric findings that republicans are more mature adults than democrats who are more like children who want government to distribute the “toys.”  Who do you want to handle your money? Government? A mutual funds manager? Absurd!

Timing in Therapy: Time to learn about time!

December 12, 2017

I am a psychologist, always thinking about scheduling one activity or another, sometimes even believing that I understand human behaviour. It occurred to me an hour ago that timing in therapy was anxiety reducing during my career. I went posting this morning when I realized that timing in therapy was a huge anxiety reduced during my cancer therapy period. Here is it, ladies and gentle men. I hope the members of the committee to establish a Gorter Model clinic in Athens, Greece would read this posting before my dinner speech presentation on  January 8, 2018.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2002. I had hormone therapy and radiation treatment for 9 years. The goal was to survive as long as the cancer tutor would be contained before chemotherapy sets in to “rescue” me or prepare for doomsday. This alopathic-reductionist-field independent medical approach prolonged my life until 2011, not bad for sweet patience like me who know no better way, which is the majority of the people too. Then I discovered the Gorter Model in Cologne, Germany, an immunotherapy using Dendritic cells, hyperthermia and massive infusions of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients. I expected another few years of stretched living until I realized that Dr. Gorter, immunological doctor was treating my whole person, not just my tutor! He was holistic par excellence. I didn’t say “I wish I knew what therapy to choose in 2002.” I am sane or rather mature in 2018 knowing that improvement in therapy choices come with age. They taught me that I had to learn about Time. No juicy apples would ripe before their time,” as the saying goes. Two years later I hear that I am in remission, mind you, not nine years later hearing my doctors saying, ‘There is nothing we can do anymore for you, except make an appointment for chemotherapy to give you a few more month – or even a year to live if you are lucky.”

Ladies and gentlemen, how did Dr. Gorter did this ‘miracle?” The best way to describe it is to talk about Timing in Therapy.” I flew in from Canada, nothing great about that timing, in a 100 years we could probably do it in 30 minutes, but not now. I walked into RG’s  MCC clinic in Cologne the morning October 17, 2011, full of anxiety about everything; Where would I stay? Why didn’t my wife fly with me for comfort? Would the people at the clinic be nice and supportive? Would the immunotherapy work? Would it be painful? Would I enjoy anything in Cologne? What would I do for fun in the evenings? How long would I be away from home in Canada? Would I have bad side effects? How much would it cost? Would I have to fly in every year? and so on.

I walked in and within an hour I felt happy, my God, my anxiety was down by 99% without any drug! How did he do it? He m must have been a “natural” psychologist. He hired caring people from 10 countries! They were helpful, human, supportive, you name it. It would take me 10 more pages to describe it but Let me just give you one example and we’ll move on. A lady, Mrs. Riccio was standing by the nurses counter. She hugged me. After a pleasant chat she became my landlord. She rented us a nice apartment near the most cheerful shopping centre in Cologne (You should experience their Christmas, starting on November 26!). The price was reasonable, came with a smile and a hug, all with Italian flavour. My anxiety was gone. It turned into  joy in ten minutes! You, see, it’s not hard to beautify your medical treatment with pleasant psychology. I know, I know, most clinics don’t do it. Sad. But one of the reasons I volunteer as a psychologist at the clinic is to continue the Gorter tradition of going the extra mile for the patient.

God bless all the people involved in the new MCC called Medical Centre Athens (MCA).,

Dr. Kinarthy